Must-know words

These words you just have to learn to have some limited ability to parse menus without having to use any translation. Working with metric measures is rather handy since menus may indicate quantities as different choices in the menu.


(sometimes) e and
o  (sometimes) ó or u or

extra fun

Spanish has gender

el masculine singular
la feminine singular
los masculine plural
las feminine singular
en in; also by, at, on
con with (sometimes a la is with, but not always)
sin without
de of
del of the
su its or their
a su gusto, al gusto to your liking or taste
litro liter
gramos grams
especial special (do I really need to tell you)
precio price
cuenta bill
cerrado closed
abierto open
por favor please (really, do I have to tell you)
gracias thank you (don’t go to Spain without!)
necesito comer I need food!
qué porquería this sucks