Cooking verbs

This is a Work-in-Progress to create a comprehensive list of Spanish verbs that appear in menus or recipes or cooking instructions. An explanation of how it was created appear in this post. Some of these verbs are described in more detail in posts, click the Verbs tag to find all of them.

The third column of this table has links to this excellent cooking instructional site (en español) For entries missing these links, you might try this dictionary (también en español)The table for the specialized verbs appears first and the more general verbs follow that table.

Specialized Verbs used in cooking (general verbs also common in cooking below)

abarquillar to wrap, to curl up, to roll up, to crinkle, to wrinkle Abarquillar
abatir to blast chill (lit: to bring down) Abatir
ablandar to tenderize, to soften (butter) Ablandar
abrillantar to glaze, to polish, to enhance Abrillantar
acanalar to dig channels in, to corrugate, to groove, to furrow, to flute Acanalar
acaramelar to caramelize, to coat with caramel
acecinar to preserve meat with salt, smoke and drying Acecinar
aceitar to oil, to pour oil onto, to lubricate Aceitar
achicharrar to scorch, to burn, to burn to a crisp
acidular to acidulate, to make sour Acidular
acitronar to fry until crisp/transparent
aderezar to season, to dress [salad], to garnish, to adorn, to liven up, to spice Aderezar
adobar to marinate, to pickle, to dress Adobar
agarrarse to stick (lit: to hold on) Agarrarse
ahuecar con cuchara to scoop up; to hollow; to soften
ahumar to smoke, to fill with smoke Ahumar
albardar to wrap a piece of meat with something else (lit: put a packsaddle on) (syn: bardar) Albardar
alcanzar to reach [temperature]
aliñar to dress [salad], to season (syn: aderezar) Aliñar
almibar to cover/soak in syrup, to preserver in syrup
almorzar to have lunch
amalgamar to combine, to amalgamate Amalgamar
amasar to knead; to mix [with water] Amasar
anisar to add anise or aniseed essence, to anisar
aplanar to roll out, to flatten
aplastar to flatten, smash, crush (similar to espalmar) Aplastar
aromatizar to scent, perfume; flavor; to aromatize Aromatizar
arropar to wrap up, protect, tuck in (applies to dough) Arropar
asar to roast, broil, grill Asar
asustar to frighten; to add cool liquid to hotter mixture Asustar
atemperar to temper, tone down; moderate, adjust Atemperar
aviar to prepare, get ready, to manage; to tidy up
bañar bathe, give a bath; cover, plate; flow through; shower; soak, coat; go for swim Bañar
bardar to thatch [with strips of fat] (syn: albardar)
barnizar to glaze/varnish Barnizar
batir to beat, to whisk/whip, to churn, to cream Batir
blanquear to blanch; to bleach/whiten Blanquear
bolear to form into spherical shape, usually dough Bolear
brasear to braise; to barbecue Brasear
bridar to tie, to truss Bridar

in process

caer, calentar, capear, caramelizar, cascar, catar, cenar, cepillar, cernir, chafar, chamuscar, chorrear, chorrear un poco, cincelar, clarificar, clavetear, cocer, cocer al horno, cocinar, cocinar a fuego lento, cocinar al vapor, colar, colocar, combinar, comer, condimentar, conducir, confitar, congelar, conseguir, conservar, considerar, contar, convertir, cortar, cortar en cuatro, cortar en cubitos, cortar en tiritas, cortar en trozos, crear, cristalizar, cuadrar, cuajar, cubrir, cumplir, curar, dar la vuelta, decantar, decidir, decorar, degustar, dejar, derramar, derretir, desalar, desangrar, desayunar, desbabar, descamar, descansar, descongelar, descremar (leche), descuartizar, descubrir, desecar, desechar, desengrasar, desglasar, desgranar, desgrasar, deshuesador, deshuesar, desleír, desmenuzar, desmoldar, desnatar, desollar, desperdiciar, desvenar, diluir, dirigir, disfrutar, disolver, doblar, dorar, echar, echar con una cuchara, embadurnar, emborrachar, embridar, empanar, empanizar, emplatar, emulsionar, encamisar, encolar, endulzar, enfriar, engrasar, enharinar, enjuagar, enrollar, ensartar, envolver, escabechar, escaldar, escalfar, escamar, escarchar, escuchar, escudillar, escurrir, especiar, espiralizar, espolvorear, espumar, espumar (sopa), estirar, estofar, evaporar, eviscerar, exprimir, extender, fermentar, filetear, flambear, flamear, fondear, formar, forrar, freír, frotar, fundir, gelificar, glasear, gratinar, guisar, hacer puré, helar, hervir, hervir a fuego lento, hornear, humear, humedecer, imaginar, incorporar, infusionar, instilar, intentar, introducir, laminar, lavar, levantar, levar, licuar, ligar, limpiar, limpiar con agua, limpiar con un paño, llamear, llenar, llevar, lograr, macerar, machacar, majar, mantener, marear, marinar, masticar, mechar, medir, mezclar, mojar, moldear, moler, mondar, montar, mortificar, mover, nacer, napar, ocurrir, ofrecer, oler, partir, partir en dos, pasteurizar, pelar, perforar, perfumar, permitir, picar, picar carne, pinchar, plegar, pochar, poner en remojo, precalentar, preparar, presentar, presionar, probar, producir, quemar, quitar, rajar, rallar, raspar, realizar, rebanar, rebozar, recalentar, recalentar, recibir, recomendar, reconocer, recordar, recortar, reducir, reemplazar, refrigerar, regar, regar con su jugo, regresar, rehogar, rellenar, remojar, remover, repartir, repetir, reservar, restregar, resultar, revisar, revolver, rociar, romper, rostir, sacar, sacudir, salar, salcochar, salir, salpicar, salpimentar, saltear, sancochar, sazonar, secar, seguir, sellar, separar, servir, soasar, socarrar, sofreír, subir, sudar, sumergir, suponer, tajar, tamizar, tapar, tartar, templar, terminar, tomar, tornear, tostar, trabajar, traducir, transferir, tratar, trinchar, triturar, trocear, trufar, untar, uperizar, utilizar, vaciar, vaporar, vaporear, vaporizar, verter, volcar, voltear

Common Verbs used in cooking

abrir to open
acabar to finish, to end
aceptar to accept, to approve, to agree to
afilar to sharpen
agitar to shake
agregar to add
amar to love
añadir to add
apagar to put out, turn off, extinguish; to soften
aparecer to appear, show up
apretar to press, to squeeze; to crush
atar to tie, tie up
ayudar to help; to make use of
beber to drink
cambiar to change

(more to follow over time)