Puzzled by batidora

This is not exactly a food word but it occurs in the Spanish definition of

BATIDO (literally: milkshake) Bebida refrescante no alcohólica, hecha principalmente a base de leche y frutas, todo ello mezclado por medio de una batidora. Non-alcoholic refreshing beverage, made mainly from milk and fruit, all mixed with a blender.

Now the GallinaBlanca dictionary has both batidor and batidora

BATIDOR (literally: whisk or beater) Aparato para batir, eléctrico o de varillas, manual. Machine for whipping, electric or rod, manual.
BATIDORA (literally: mixer or blender) Instrumento que mediante movimiento giratorio bate los ingredientes de alimentos, condimentos o bebidas. instrument that by rotating movement whisks the ingredients of food, condiments or beverages.

hard to say if this is blender or mixer (in sense of a Kitchen-Aide) or both? Shows as a blender at an online buying site in Spain but at Amazon as mixer.

so, first, it’s unclear why that have two closely similar terms that really seem to describe the same thing.

So, as part of this whole project of can an non-Spanish speaker in U.S. figure out puzzles like this I managed to find multiple online purchasing sites, in Spain (or at least .es domain) that sell kitchen appliances (cool term I found in the online Oxford Spanish dictionary, aparato electrodoméstico) and mostly I found blenders, but some sites had both blenders or mixers under the category of batidora. The Oxford definition seems strongly to imply blender

Household kitchen appliance for crushing, mixing or whipping food consisting of a bar, finished in blades or rods, which rotates at high speed.

So after a fair amount of time spent trying to figure this out I conclude it is somewhat ambiguous and if I were a Spaniard asking for either a mixer or blender for this recent Christmas I’d probably need to be precise about what I actually wanted.

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