revuelto explained

I’ve encountered this word on numerous menus and the literal translation gives a clue but not a very good one. For instance,

Revuelto de champiñón Mushroom scrambled

So what is this, a mixed up bunch of mushrooms? (champiñón should be easy for you if you happen to know French, champignons; but setas is also common with one source distinguishing this word as used for “flat-top” mushrooms (vs round-top for champiñón)). And this is a good example of Spanish elsewhere than Spain having words for mushrooms you (probably) would not find in Spain: hongo (Latin America), callampa (Chile).

But revuelto, according to has a ton of meanings: messy, upside down, mixed up, scrambled (getting close), mixed, unsettled, rough, disheveled, untidy, upset, nauseous, cloudy, turbid, restless, turbulent, and then finally, 9th in the list, the one we want (under heading of culinary), scrambled eggs.

Now most of us wouldn’t put mushrooms in “scrambled eggs” (in an omelet perhaps, so maybe that is what this is).

This website, which describes lots of Spanish egg dishes provides this:

A revuelto is another Spanish egg dish that is ripe with possibilities. Revueltos are always served with one or two other ingredients mixed in. Some of the most popular scrambled egg add-ins are blood sausage, asparagus, cod fish or garlic stalks.

While this source makes the comparison to omelets the sample picture it shows (as well as other images in Google searcch) clearly shows something more like a scramble than an omelet.

And this webpage which has a full description says thusly:

A revuelto is a dish of scrambled eggs mixed with other ingredients. In Spain, you will find revueltos served in bars and restaurants, but they are also cooked at home. They are kind of like the omelets that Americans enjoy. Think of them as scrambled eggs served Spanish style.

Revueltos appear on menus with a wide variety of ingredients mixed into the eggs. While this source makes the comparison to omelets the sample picture it shows (as well as other photos) clearly shows something more like a scramble than an omelet.

And just for fun, here’s some combinations this source shows so you get a look at a manual translation for a change.

Ajetes, trigueros y gambas Garlic shoots, asparagus and shrimp
Champinones y gambas White mushrooms and shrimp
Gambas y tomate Shrimp and tomato
Jamon y cebolla Ham and onions
Setas y morcilla Wild mushrooms and blood sausage
Espinacas Spinach
Gambas y rape Shrimp and monkfish
Salmon ahumado Smoked salmon
Pimientos y cebolla Peppers and onions
Bacalao con salsa de chipirones Cod with squid sauce
Sesos de cordero Sheep brains
Trufas Truffles
Chorizo Spanish chorizo sausage

Now you know and you’ll remember this, right?

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